Review: Styx

Title: Styx (Amazon Link) Author: Bavo Dhooge Release Date: November, 2015 The tagline sounds so snazzy – “Zombie Cop vs. Serial Killer”.  The book… isn’t. Instead, it’s a pedantic crawl through middle-aged self-pity, with periodic gory bouts speckled to allow the tag of “Zombie” to be tacked onto this for sales purposes.  I’d like to say that … More Review: Styx

Review: The Wild Ones (C. Alexander London)

Title: The Wild Ones  (Amazon Link) Author: C. Alexander London Release Date: August 25, 2015 I’m going to quote the description I was first given for this book: “Talking raccoons.  No, really, talking raccoons.” Now, here’s a moment of unfortunate honesty – I was unable to finish this book by review day.  I made a valiant effort, but … More Review: The Wild Ones (C. Alexander London)