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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Is Mother Droid?

Mother Droid is a lifelong Star Wars fan, with a love for building stories and an imagination as big as that infamous galaxy far, far away. What begins with a few questions will quickly turn into the life story you never knew you were missing. In addition, MD is a veteran Disney Vacation Planner with years of experience wrangling the logistics involved with visiting Walt Disney World.

Why does Mother Droid exist?

Just like any trip to Walt Disney World, preparing to travel on the Galactic Starcruiser can be a stressful experience. The goal of MD is to remove as much of that stress as we can, so that travelers can have the best experience possible. We provide logistics guidance as well as practical costume and backstory assistance that can be tailored to individual preferences, budgets, and desired levels of immersion.

Why do you offer different packages?

Costumes in particular can be a big source of stress for GSC travelers, and MD knows that any good story is built on the details. Each passenger on the CSL Halcyon is unique, and that’s why there are several different levels of help available. Our packages range from simple backstory guidance for a solo traveler to complex coordinated ensemble-building for a cabin full of travelers. This allows you to decide just how much help you’re looking for. Want to see what’s included? Click Here for a PDF copy of our current Package List.

Does Mother Droid do anything other than Backstories?

Yes! As we’ve helped clients prepare for their voyages, Mother Droid has been developing a collection of customizable items – both to accent costumes and as practical souvenirs. Check out our Water Bottles, Jewelry, and In-Universe Logos!

Find out what Mother Droid can do for you!

Contact Us: motherdroidgsc (at) gmail.com
Privacy: Mother Droid takes personal life seriously. We will never share a client’s name, contact information, any personally identifiable information, or images without explicit permission.

General Disclaimer: This is fan made content, and does not indicate affiliation with LucasFilm

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