De Novo – To Start Anew

MD here!

Let me start by saying that the last few years have been a hell of a wild ride. What started off as a sanity project after the twins were born quickly fell by the wayside, for all of the usual reasons (all of those mom platitudes about taking care of/time for yourself? They only apply if you have access to child care that doesn’t break the bank. Single moms don’t tend to have that. Anyone blogging consistently with three kids under three has a lot of support they’re not acknowledging).

With Elder Daughter now 5 and Baby Boy no longer a baby (he’s 2!!), I’m finally in a place to do something for myself.  With three years and a lot of life experience added to my repertoire, I’m aiming for consistent and doable this time around.  Here’s what you can expect from Mother’s Droid’s Blog this year:

  • Thoughts on current events/parenting/etc on a semi-regular basis
  • Book reviews sporadically
  • Ongoing Advice/Info Collections – Short lists I find valuable. The base-entries will be going up over the next few days.
    • Phrases to know if your kids are in a pre-K Spanish program
    • Shows I (and my kids) Can Watch Together
    • Con-Going with Small Humans 101
    • Geek-friendly Parenting Resources
    • All Those Classic Questions About Twins

Hope you enjoy the ride just as much as I do 🙂

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