Sleep, How It Defines Us

It’s amazing how fast time seems to fly with four little ones.  It’s taken a year and change to get to the point where I can breathe by myself for long enough to boot up the laptop (which is a desktop with an external monitor, courtesy of the twins a year and a half ago).

But as we all know, life goes on.  Eventually, everyone is sleeping through the night and you start feeling human enough to consider taking on something more than just that horrifying pile of dishes in the bus-bin next to the sink.

In case you’re not there yet, or just glancing in from the outside, sleep deprivation is the #1 reason that you feel like you can’t ever get caught up on things when you’ve got young kids.  Got twins? Double (if not quadruple) whatever your expectations were for the time to get back to sleeping a solid 6-7 hours.  Sleep deprivation is how they torture prisoners, and it’s no more pleasant just because the one doing it to you doesn’t realize the consequences.  You can tread water, but you’ll never get ahead while you’re eons and eons behind on your sleep.

But back to the original point, I’m back!!  Book reviews will be a little while in coming, but expect to hear more about wrangling the young & restless crowd in the meantime.


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