Review: The Wild Ones (C. Alexander London)

Title: The Wild Ones  (Amazon Link)

Author: C. Alexander London

Release Date: August 25, 2015

I’m going to quote the description I was first given for this book: “Talking raccoons.  No, really, talking raccoons.”

Now, here’s a moment of unfortunate honesty – I was unable to finish this book by review day.  I made a valiant effort, but with an interstate move involving three small humans slated for tomorrow, the time simply wasn’t there.

That said, I read enough to get a solid flavor for the work.  At SDCC this year, Penguin made a really hard sell for this book.  Honestly, it didn’t quite live up to their praise, but it was well written for what it is.  Not quite to my taste, in part due to the main character.

It would probably help if I wasn’t intimately acquainted with raccoons as a species.  Genetically engineered raccoon as a self-serving, tough-talking bounty hunter?  Sure, I’d totally buy it.  Talking raccoon as an innocent country boy and quest-undertaker?  It’s just too positive.  However, cats as mafiosos I can definitely get behind.

The author paints a very believable and internally consistent world, with a beautiful adherence to the naming practices and perspectives of the animals involved.

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