Which Button for Top Gear?!?

(Elder Daughter attempts to work the remote, c. July 2014)

TV viewing habits have been a joke around the house ever since Elder Daughter was born.  While we’re not in the habit of plunking them down for zombification in lieu of a babysitter, the kids catch bits and pieces in the background. When we need to take a ten minute breather, or camp out on the couch for some baby-holding – that kind of thing.

But back to the kids.  Elder Daughter had very discriminating tastes early on, meaning that she wanted Top Gear (UK, of course) and only Top Gear.  Until she discovered that there were car chases in other things, like GoldenEye  (We’re pretty sure she’s going to want a Ferrari when she’s old enough to drive, but she’ll have to pay for it herself).

Thankfully, TG ran 22 seasons, and she’s now grown less fanatical about policing the background noise.  We’re pretty sure she’s going to end up a mechanical or electrical engineer.

We figured that the fixation was a one time/child thing, a Pavlovian response to having Top Gear(UK) in the background during all of her night feedings for the first 3-4 months of life.  But no.  At least she’s now graduated to a life of tolerance, and also a direct association between black & white Perry Mason episodes and bedtime.  Just in time for someone else to take over control of the remote (and it’s not the adults).

Boy twin is just under 4 months, and is just as invested in Food Network’s Guy Fieri, specifically Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, as ED ever was in Top Gear.  He’s also fascinated by anything food-related in general, so we’re expecting him to abuse the Learning Tower from the time he can stand to scope out kitchen goings-on.

Girl twin, by contrast, is taking her time in demonstrating a preference, but I’m quietly hoping that she leans towards something like NOVA (to be fair, Luke was perfectly happy to stay quiet when we had an episode on last night).  I need *someone* to bond with over quality science documentaries and the occasional slightly skewed history documentary, or it’ll be a long 6-8 years before anyone’s really old enough to start appreciating most of the sci-fi worth sharing with the next generation.

EDIT: We have a winner, folks!  Girl twin’s show of choice appears to be Mythbusters.  I feel that I am fully justified when I say that I fear for the future.  Fast cars and explosives, with a side dose of kitchen shenanigans…

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