The Con Behind the Blog

Just under a week ago, I was crawling off of a redeye from San Diego after that singularly complicated experience that is the San Diego Comic Con (or #SDCC to those who’ve been kicking around the event for a few years).  It was glorious, and eye-opening, and it reminded me that there’s a much broader world out there than my current lifestyle would suggest.

It was also an opportunity I didn’t expect to have.  I missed con a few years ago, and that unfortunately coincided with the point at which the regular badge purchase lottery became *insane*.  Between the 1-in-16 odds of a successful badge purchase for someone who isn’t eligible for preregistration and having three small humans enter my life in a two year window, SDCC was slated to be off the docket for quite a while.

This spring, a friend on a Pro badge offered me her guest slot, and with the liberal application of back-dated childcare favours, I managed to make it all work.

It’s amazing how much con changes when you’re a parent, and I don’t mean the logistics of wrangling a babysitter or what type of movies/pilots catch my eye (the answer is, when attending SDCC, watch ALL THE PILOTS. It’s a great way to get off of your feet without risking an unexpected 30 minute awkward Q&A session).  It’s a change in what you bring home, what you seek out on the floor, and what you are and aren’t willing to put up with for the sake of fandom.

The biggest change?  The swag.  I came home with zero posters, a half-dozen handouts/cards/flyers, and approximately a million books (you think I’m kidding, but the boxes shipped USPS Media Mail can back me up on this).  I also acquired three ridiculously cute miniature coffee mugs from Dumbrella, three Skelanimals, a Chewbacca dog toy, and a swift kick to the cranium that I might have something worth saying these days.

This blog is the result, and will include book reviews, children’s geekery, and the occasional commentary on pop culture.  It’s a work in progress, so feedback is always appreciated.  Anything else?  If not, then welcome aboard!

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