Our Children Are Doomed (that’s what the Mommy Blogs Say)

I run into a lot of mommy blogs which ramble on about how children nowadays have less self-control and are all about the instant gratification (and here are 3 things could can do to make sure YOUR child doesn’t succumb to this evil).  Most of them center around some version of hardcore household routine, with … More Our Children Are Doomed (that’s what the Mommy Blogs Say)

Escuela de español

Hola, chicos! In the great and vast time since my last opportunity to check in here, three of my small humans have started preschool (How? Where did the time go? Why is the baby climbing the 7 ft climbing wall? Oops).  The program is entirely in Spanish, and it’s been an education for the whole … More Escuela de español

Review: Styx

Title: Styx (Amazon Link) Author: Bavo Dhooge Release Date: November, 2015 The tagline sounds so snazzy – “Zombie Cop vs. Serial Killer”.  The book… isn’t. Instead, it’s a pedantic crawl through middle-aged self-pity, with periodic gory bouts speckled to allow the tag of “Zombie” to be tacked onto this for sales purposes.  I’d like to say that … More Review: Styx