Happy Holidays from Mother Droid!
Planning a trip on the Galactic Starcruiser, but having trouble figuring out your place in the Universe?
Mother Droid can help!

(and if you’re wondering why you should bother, click here to find out)

MD is a lifelong Star Wars fan, with a love for building stories and an imagination as big as that galaxy far, far away. What starts as a few questions will quickly turn into the life story you never knew you were missing.

Costume ideas are a big source of stress for many GSC travelers, and MD knows that any good story is built on the details. That’s why there are several different options for help, with packages ranging from simple guidance for a solo traveler to complex coordinated ensemble for a cabin full of travelers – allowing you to decide just how much help you’re looking for.

Contact: motherdroidgsc (at) gmail.com

Privacy: Mother Droid takes personal life seriously. We will never share a client’s name, contact information, any personally identifiable information, or images without explicit permission from a client.

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